....to my anthropological liaison office and consultancy.

I’m a cultural anthropologist and oceanist based in Mannheim, Germany. My focus is the anthropology, history, but also the current challenges of Indigenous Australia and Oceania including a deep knowledge of the artefact collections from Australia and Oceania held at German and European museums.

Given my knowledge and experience in Indigenous (material) culture and research, museum collections held at German and European museums and archives, and the history of European artefact collecting in Australia and Oceania, my consultancy and liaison office for anthropological research in Europe is a valuable contact point for anyone from Australia interested in developing linkages related to this field.

My background includes many years of research and (field)work in Australia, working experience at various Museums of Ethnology as well as teaching at several German universities. I also published widely about my research and results.

Currently, I hold the position as head of department for “World Cultures and their Environment” at the Reiss-Engelhorn-Museen in Mannheim, Germany.

Still, I do continue my interest and work relating to Indigenous Australia and Oceania.
Have a look at my CV and list of publications and don’t hesitate to contact me if you have requests, queries or if you are interested in a collaboration.

Web: www.erckenbrecht.com E-Mail: info@erckenbrecht.com
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